18th February 2012: Spiritual Warfare

Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” This verse encourages us to believe that nothing can stop the establishment of Jesus' church. However, we don't always realise that the powers of hell do not want the church built, and are actively fighting against it. Are we really aware of the war going on all around us? We are called to fight, we are guaranteed victory, but only if we fight. This seminar will be looking at the battle lines for us as churches and as individuals. Sessions will include practical times of prayer and ministry.

“Half the Christian Church is unaware that we're at war, and half of those that are aware spend more time working out how to stay in civilian life!” – John Wimber

  • Spiritual warfare and the enemy's strategies
  • The battle for our hearts and minds
  • Demolishing strongholds

Previous conferences

All recordings include translation into Spanish.

Oct 2011: Power in prayer

“If an army marches on its stomach then the church marches on its knees.” Prayer is absolutely vital to all things spiritual!

  • Prayer and spiritual warfare – John Hansford and Phil Bacon (mp3, 67 mins, 23MB; notes)
  • Prayer and the prophetic – Robin Hawkins (mp3, 44 mins, 15MB) and Julie Hawkins (mp3, 25 mins, 8MB)
  • Prayer and the power of God – Paul Godfrey (mp3, 47 mins, 28MB)

Feb 2011: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Why do so many churches and individuals seem to lack dynamism and energy? One of the main challenges for all church leaders is to help keep their people moving forward in Kingdom power.

  • Baptism in the Spirit today – Robin Hawkins (mp3, 48 mins, 18MB)
  • The Unity of the Spirit – Tony Thompson (mp3, 9 mins, 3 MB)
  • Prophecy – Tony Thompson (mp3, 52 mins, 20MB)
  • Weighing Prophecy – Tony Thompson (mp3, 18 mins, 7MB)
  • Moving people into the Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Tony Thompson (notes)

Oct 2010: God's New Testament church

God expects His people to be a community demonstrating His values and principles. Those outside the Kingdom of God should be able to look at the church and see a community of people committed to serving one another and God.

  • The Church as a Community – Robin Hawkins (mp3, 61 mins, 19 MB)
  • Leadership of God’s Community – David Coak (mp3, 68 mins, 22 MB)
  • How to Build Community in Spain – John Hansford (mp3, 59 mins, 19 MB)

Jun 2010: More together than apart

Jesus Christ never intended the church to be divided. He spoke of one church, united, "preserving the unity of the Spirit".

  • On an apostolic mission – Tony Thompson (mp3, 70 mins, 20 MB)
  • On an apostolic mission as team – Robin Hawkins and Mike Kirkwood (mp3, 64 mins, 24 MB)
  • Friendship, not professionalism – David Coak and Paul Godfrey (mp3, 75 mins, 24 MB)