Church life

El Faro is a church whose members are widely spread in and around Valencia, from Godelleta and Chiva some 30km west of Valencia to Naquera and Albalat dels Tarongers almost 30km north of Valencia. Although we are a small church we frequently get together for formal and informal events. During the week we meet in small groups where we worship, discuss the Bible and share a meal together. There is also a prayer meeting twice a week. Our weekly church meeting is Sunday mornings and of course we go for a drink after the service.

During the year there are a number of social events:

  • Potluck lunches after the Sunday service
  • Visits to the beach to swim and play games
  • Walks in the hills (Montenejos)
  • Festive get-togethers such as for Christmas and at the beginning of the school year (at the last one we just had over 50 people attending)

For the youth of the church we also have different activities: during the sermon on Sundays they go out for their own meeting and during the year we try to have at least two sleepovers per year (at a campsite or in someone's house).