Small groups

Church isn't the place we go to on Sunday for a service. It's a family, a living community of people who share life and who metaphorically live under the same roof. One of the ways in which this universal truth about the church is expressed in El Faro is the "cell groups" which meet mid-week in houses.

The format of the meeting can vary between groups and from week to week, but typical elements would be praise, discussion about the practical application of the sermon from the previous Sunday, prayer, and dinner. In addition to weekly meetings, the groups occasionally organise social events.

The groups have three purposes. Firstly, that each individual grow spiritually. Among other things, a small group is an excellent place to learn to exercise spiritual gifts, because it's less scary than a Sunday meeting. Secondly, to strengthen the ties which make us a community. Eating together in someone's house is surely a normal part of family life. And thirdly, to reach our friends. Our desire is that the groups look not only inwards but also outwards, because the family of the church is on a mission.

If you want current information on where and when the groups meet, get in touch.