Our Mission

Our mission is to build an international church made up of all the nationalities that are represented in the city of Valencia without difference or differentiation by colour, race, or culture. We work to see people from all backgrounds united in Jesus Christ, professing Him as their Lord and Saviour, and following Him in their daily lives.

The church was started in 2008 with a group of six people who had come to Valencia with the express purpose of planting the church. This was the culmination of several years’ research, prayer and seeking God’s will. It was felt within Newfrontiers in 2004 that God was saying the time was right for planting churches in Spain. Goff Hope from Norwich, who at the time was covering Spain for Newfrontiers, had made several visits to Spain and had met with many church leaders here. He then came on a fact-finding mission with Tony Thompson after which they both felt that God was saying that the first step was to plant a church in a city. That city was to be Valencia and the church was to be a strong, vibrant, grace-filled church. That is to say, a solid Biblical church, well taught, experiencing the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit, drawing people to Christ; strong enough to help plant and strengthen other churches in Spain and beyond.

Paul and Susanna Godfrey were asked whether, as a family, they would be willing to build a team and go together to start a pioneer church plant in Valencia. Their positive response was confirmed by dramatic and unexpected prophetic words. During the initial research and strategy trip held early in 2007, thirty people visited Valencia, organizing surveys and questionnaires, interviewing many ordinary people in Valencia, and praying around the city for a week. Several significant prophetic words came about building a big church. One significant word was that hundreds would come and be a part of the church including many who did not yet know or love Jesus.

Another prophetic word was that there would be many torches or lights lit in the city through the work of the church. Our name, El Faro – The Beacon, came from a prophetic picture of an Olympic torch being run through the city. There were several prophecies that it would be able to resource other churches in Spain and plant new works. This is why we run conferences three times a year, to help strengthen and build up other churches.

Our vision is for the church to be an international gathering of people from many diverse cultures. To this end we have many evangelistic activities including Alpha courses, social events, and small group meetings across the city.