What we believe

We believe that...

  • God has revealed Himself as, and is, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three persons but only one God.
  • God has revealed Himself especially through the life and teaching of God the Son, Jesus Christ, and through the Bible, whose human authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit still speaks through the Bible today, and it is our authority for life and all matters of faith.
  • God created everything which exists, material and spiritual, other than Himself, and He did it with nothing but his command.
  • Sin came into the world when Adam and Eve, deceived by the serpent, disobeyed God.
  • As a result, humanity and all of creation came under God's judgement, and death also entered the world: physical, moral, and spiritual death.
  • However, God has reserved full judgement for a day which has not yet arrived.
  • No-one was able to restore our personal situation or the world's situation except God, who put into action a divine rescue mission. God the Son, Jesus Christ, was born as a baby, lived a perfect life, died the undeserved death of a criminal on a cross, and came back to life on the third day.
  • Through this life and death Jesus Christ, the only sinless, perfect, man, made atonement for sin and satisfied the wrath of God the Father against sin once and forever.
  • This atonement is freely offered, but it must be accepted. Whoever accepts it and comes to God seeking mercy on the basis only of the finished work of Jesus on the cross will receive salvation from sin. This is a work of grace from God, which we can do nothing to deserve or earn.
  • The Church is the community of Jesus' followers. After the final judgement of all things, Jesus will present the Church to the Father as His bride.
  • In the meantime it is through the Church that God demonstrates His love and power for the world to see, and powerfully affects the society around it. Within the Church, changed life and miracles are the norm.

As a local church we want to...

  • Worship and glorify Jesus
  • Consistently proclaim the gospel by word, deed and lifestyle
  • Promote discipleship and care in smaller groups
  • Impact the area with a large Christian community consisting of all ages, races and backgrounds
  • Apply the Bible to everyday life
  • Share fellowship, breaking bread and praying together
  • See all believers baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit
  • Equip every member to play his/her part
  • Impart all of the above to Spain, Europe and the rest of the world, in particular though our links with the Newfrontiers family of churches